EFL Tech is an advanced technology company providing solutions for Electroluminescent (EL), Electrochromic (EC), Transparent Organic Photovoltaic (TOPV) & ElastoLite Personal Lighting Systems

Currently we are focusing on the next big technological must-have, Transparent Solar Cells (TSC) using our Transparent Organic Photovoltaic (TOPV) technology, in Australia, which will alter the conventional image of shining opaque solar cells, and transform every surface of the environment into material that effectively harvests solar energy without changing the landscape.

EFL Tech is the only company in the southern hemisphere with a production facility ensuring quality control, and design flexibility. Our exclusive arrangements with channel partners also means we have the most superior raw materials.

We truly believe our environmentally friendly technology will seamlessly revolutionise the way people use energy. For a greater understanding please take a look at EFL Tech’s vision for our not-too-distant future.

EFL Tech are truly on the forefront of science and technology development.

MEDIA RELEASE   1 August 2013 

EFL Tech Holdings B.V (EFL) Acquires Worldwide Patents for three-dimentional electroluminescence from Bayer Material Science AG

• Consolidates EFL’s position as the leading developer of electroluminescent (EL) technology in the world.
• Three-dimensional electroluminescent (3DEL) displays set to revolutionize the signage and display industries.

EFL Tech Holdings B.V. has acquired the world-wide patents for three-dimensional electroluminescence from BayerMaterialScience. Already a world leader in EL product development, EFL will strengthen the foundations of their product range, being, superb quality, value and durability, to include a truly exclusive and unique product offering in 3DEL.

Three-dimensional electroluminescent products offer significant advantages over conventional two-dimensional products. Key advantages include:

– Complete and totally conformable surface coverage with no seams or joins;
– Viewable from any angle; and
- Molded to form any shape or object; 

EFL is now able provide a luminous three dimensional electroluminescent display in which all curved and contoured surfaces are illuminated to optimize brightness and uniformity of lighting. Thus driving the need for less energy to activate the 3DEL, which will also increase the life of the product. 3DEL uses selectively deposited EL phosphor to produce a luminous graphic display which uses fewer component and occupies less space than conventional displays.

A 3DEL comprises of a translucent layer of ink material on at least one side of a transparent sheet which has numerous conductive leads connected to at least one EL light. A protective layer is then placed over the translucent layer to protect the materials from any abrasions. Plastic material is then used to mold the EL for a three dimensional shape having a curved and contoured outer surface.

EFL Tech IM Report 2013

For those with foresight, this is the most radical and exciting investment opportunity in a long time – and the reality is much closer than you think.

Just imagine how much your world will change in only 5 years with TOPV: mobile phones, tablets and notebooks that self-charge through tandem solar cells; your entire home powered by TOPV glass (no more electricity bills as we power toward a cleaner, greener planet).

Investment in EFL Holdings Tech will not only radically reshape our own futures, it will leave a legacy that our grandchildren will be able to proudly build on.

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